This week we are taking some time out to meet the bloggers at – Many of you read this blog regularly, so we thought we would give you a little inside scoop to our lives. If you are new to reading this blog, take some time to read some our previous posts to get an idea of what we talk about here.

Name: Leneita However, according to various Starbucks baristas it has been Lynetta, Linitz, Juanita, Chris, Phoenix. Glanida, Linda and Loretta (just to name a few)Leneita

How long have you been in youth ministry? 22 awesomely wonderful years.

Favorite Food: Starbucks coffee- technically not a food- but it makes me happy.

Favorite TV Show: Parenthood, Elementary,

Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Anything that my whole family watches together and actually enjoys- rare- but bliss

Morning Person or Night Owl:  Late night owl

Youth Ministry Strengths: Relationally driven ministry,  Training others in how to work with students,  working with students and families living in survival mode,  partnering with parents

Youth Ministry Weaknesses: Games (I don’t love them so I avoid them.), delegating, & I need to work to not get bored with routine.

Best book recently read:  The Bible :)  (I can’t help it,  it’s true).