Youth Ministry Management: How To Start Your Week Strong

Yesterday, (Sunday), I saw a quote by fellow Brit Marcus Buckingham:

“What are some steps you can take today or first thing tomorrow morning to set yourself up for a strong week?”

For many of us in youth ministry, being organized and disciplined in administration does not come naturally. However, there is one thing I have found most youth workers can do that will make a huge difference to their week. Simply taking an hour at the beginning of the week to plan and prioritize can make all the difference and help us stay more focused.

Starting right in Youth Ministry

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Making The Most Of Your Summer Getaway

For many of us in youth ministry, the summer is full of mission trips, special summer events, and changed programming for a number of weeks. Hopefully, it also provides us with a welcome change of pace and a getaway with our family or friends?

If you have a vacation planned, experience has probably taught you to make the most of your time away… It’s not long before September creeps up and we jump back into a busy schedule. Getting refreshed is paramount and it’s essential we don’t allow our vacation time to be negatively impacted.

Our ability to minister well year round will depend on how well we use our time away in the summer…

Summer Beach Umbrella

Here are a few things I will be doing to ensure I come back refreshed this summer: Continue Reading…

How To Navigate The Crazy Seasons of Youth Ministry

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know it’s been slightly quieter than normal in the last few weeks. I’m sorry if you have missed your regular 2-3 posts per week, but there’s been a lot going on in life and ministry… In the last 7 weeks I have:

  • Finished my Masters Degree!
  • Attended the FAM Leadership Network through
  • Travelled back to the UK for two weeks to visit my mom who has Alzheimer’s
  • Taken a team on a relief mission trip to New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy clean up
  • Begun a transition in my current church ministry

Youth Ministry Navigation

I’ll be honest, this is not the norm, but it has certainly been an interesting few months… We all have crazy seasons and sometimes things happen outside of our control. During these times, it’s imperative that we have developed healthy defaults in our lives that help us navigate through such crazy times. I have no idea what a crazy season looks like for you, but I know that youth ministry is full of such times. Here are four healthy defaults I implore you to maintain before you get to the crazy seasons of ministry: Continue Reading…

Winner of Summer Youth Ministry Resource Giveaway Announced!

If you were wondering who won the sweet resources we talked about a few weeks ago, wait not longer!

The lucky winner is: Scott Glisson. Scott won through his tweet. You can follow him

In meantime, check out this sweet offer from our friends at LeaderTreks. Get 15% off your purchases between now and July 21st!

5 Traits Of A Great Volunteer Youth Worker

“What makes a great volunteer youth worker?” I often meet potential volunteers at my church or at conferences who ask me questions similar to this. However, the thought behind the question often seems to be something like,

“I don’t have what it takes…” Or,  ”I’m not young enough. Or, “I don’t understand students enough.” Or, “I never worked with students before.” You fill in the blank, but you get the idea. So many existing and potential youth workers often match themselves up with some impossible and inaccurate standard of what it takes to be a great youth worker. In my experience, I have seen quite different traits as being the most effective. The following traits might not be what you expected?

5 Traits of Volunteer Youth Worker

You can add your own thoughts to this post, but for now here are my top five traits of a great volunteer youth worker:  Continue Reading…

How To Effectively Use Summer Interns In Your Youth Ministry

Summer Interns, Week Two…

Summer Interns Slip n Slide

For this summer, I decided to make the bold move of acquiring a few interns for student ministries. Now, its week two and I’m not pulling my hair out yet, so I wanted to give you some thoughts on the process thus far:

- The Thought Process – This is not an internship where I need my coffee cup filled, I need tasks completed, and need someone to be my personal assistant. Instead, this is an internship FOR the intern! So, when we initially promoted it, we were looking for individuals who were going into ministry or a similar field. And so, this would give the intern a small taste of what it looks like to be in full-time ministry. To be quite honest, this idea came out of what I was not offered when I first got into ministry, but that time as a volunteer youth leader. I felt kind of thrust into a job that I was not equipped for. This internship on the other hand is meant to help prepare them for the world of ministry without handing over all of the responsibility that comes with it… Continue Reading…

Why Volunteer Youth Workers Need Greater Investment From The Local Church

In my opinion, volunteer youth workers are worth their weight in gold! However, so often the church places too much emphasis on the paid staff and not nearly enough in investing in it’s volunteer youth workers.

Volunteer Youth Worker Training

Here are four reasons why I think the local church needs to invest greater time and resources in volunteer youth workers, today and in the future: 

1) Paid Youth Workers Are Decreasing in Numbers: Recently I had a conversation with a youth ministry guru who advises and consults churches. During our time together he made a good argument for how church finances will impact the ability to hire youth workers in the future. You see, Millennials are giving more to causes and less to churches. Churches across the country are already seeing their incomes decline. If this trend continues, we should expect paid positions in youth ministry to be lost and greater emphasis placed on volunteers.

In the next 10 years I expect the landscape of youth ministry to be filled with volunteers who are being trained by the church to do ministry… Continue Reading…

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