Social Media Video 2013

Saw this video over at  by  - It certainly makes interesting viewing and has a stack of incredible statistics about Social Media and the world our students live in. Share this with your youth leaders, parents, and church leaders…


What are your thoughts on this? What surprised  you? What stands out?

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3 Essential Steps To Help You Refocus In Your Youth Ministry

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus” ― Alexander Graham Bell

“Focus!” At times, that’s a tough thing to do in youth ministry isn’t it? The nature of our ministry will often be a moving target with changing issues and challenges. Working with students is anything but predictable. While we cannot change the foundational nature of youth ministry,  there are certain areas that should always stay in focus regardless of the changeable landscape of youth ministry. If you are struggling to stay focused and manage ministry well, you should keep reading…

Youth Ministry Focus

Just this week ‘Dave’ (one of my elders), came into my office and gave me some clear focus that I want to pass onto you today. Here’s what he said: Continue Reading…

Youth Ministry Productivity: Part Three – Horizontal Spaces

I’m not a naturally organized person.  I had to train myself to be administrative – some would say I haven’t done a great job of that!

My office easily overwhelms me – and when it looks like a bomb went off in there, I just try to avoid the fallout.  Seriously – I found myself working in the student center or Starbucks just to avoid looking in my office door!

So I developed a routine so I could live with myself!  It’s my mastery of the horizontal spaces.

Youth Ministry Productivity Part Three

Continue Reading…

Youth Ministry Productivity: Part Two – 3 Keys to Getting Things Done

People often ask me, “John, I am trying to be more productive, but I don’t know what tools will help me.  What do you use?”.  Actually, people rarely ask me that, but if they did, here is what I would share. The first step, before you begin choosing a tool that will help you, is to develop a system to organize everything you have going on, every task, thought, responsibility, engagement, and idea.

Youth Ministry Productivity Part Two

Here is a simple 3 step process process to do get things done:

Continue Reading…

Youth Ministry Productivity: Part One – The Productivity Vacuum

I work in what one would call an “open office.”

Places like “Google,” claim this space filled with no dividers, just desks and those passionate about the same mission is conducive to work. Not so much for me…  Instead it deflects my ability to be productive.  There are a myriad of reasons why.  One is that those of us sharing the space have different perspectives on what “office time” is for.  When I come to said “office,” I am there to get the administrative “stuff” out of the way. My relational time is for when I do not have “tasks” to accomplish. Except I work with others who see “office time” as “connection time.”  That’s right they want to “chat” while I want to figure out my “to do” list.

Youth Ministry Productivity Part One

Fortunately, I figured out how to remedy this atmosphere that is a “productivity vacuum,” for me.   Continue Reading…

Infographic: Students, Social Media, and Communication

This week we have been looking at how social media can benefit your ministry, as well as the importance of creating good boundaries. Below is a helpful infographic showing how students between 13-18 currently use social media. You might be surprised by their favorite mode of communication.

Social Media Infographic

What We Can Learn:

5 Social Media Guidelines For Youth Workers

In my previous post, we talked about  Using social media can be your friend when doing ministry, but it can quickly become your enemy too…  I have heard stories of youth workers who are getting into trouble because of the way they are using social media. I have also heard quite a few stories of people not getting a new position because of the social media ‘past.’

Youth Ministry Social Media

Here are 5 social media boundaries for you as you go about your youth ministry: Continue Reading…

The 5 C’s of Social Media Use In Youth Ministry

What’s the best way to use social media in youth ministry?

Depending on how savvy you are at using social media,  you could find yourself either overly confused, or on the other end of the spectrum, you might find that too much knowledge is leading you to wasting too much time in ineffective ways. Because I have struggled on both ends of the spectrum, I have created 5 specific ways in which I use social media effectively and efficiently.

Social Media Youth Ministry

My 5 C’s of Social Media:  Continue Reading…

What Lance Armstrong Can Teach Students In Your Youth Ministry: A Free Lesson Outline

Are any of us really that shocked about Lance Armstrong’s admission to Oprah and the world? But what can we teach students from this? Is it that no leader, sports personality, or authority figure can be honest these days? Frankly, I think that is what many of our students are learning in this current generation…

Lance Armstrong

So, how can we take this latest admission and turn it around for our the students in our ministries? Below are some thoughts and perhaps a starting place for us. Feel free to add to the conversation at the end of this post. You might even want to use this as an outline for a message?

Continue Reading…

Relational Investment – The Difference Maker In Youth Ministry Volunteer Development…

How do you know if your volunteers ‘get it’? How do you know if your meetings and training are effective? What should training look like? With limited time, how can you make the most of volunteers busy schedules?

If I am honest, there is an insecurity in me that tells me I am not doing enough, or that there’s not enough time and resources to effectively train my leaders… Ever feel this way?

Volunteer Youth Ministry copy

Recently, I went back to a previous church for a birthday and was able to see a number of former volunteers who I had invested in over the years. One of my former volunteers sat down with me and shared something that took me a little by surprise… He shared that I had been one of the most influential people in his life… As they say in England, I was ‘gob smacked!’ To be honest, as I tried to think back to my time with him, I could not put my finger on what I had done to make this difference. Instead of over thinking things, I sat back and listened as he shared what made the difference to him. He said something like: Continue Reading…

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