Phil Bell is a youth pastor, writer, and blogger. He is originally from England and now lives in Michigan where he has been ministering to students and their families since 2000. Phil is passionate about helping students own their faith for the long haul and is deeply committed to leadership development of youth workers in the local church. He loves spending quality time with his family, playing soccer, and drinking a good cup of English tea from time to time…



Leneita Fix is the founder and lead consultant for  whose heart is :  ”Passionate about developing and training youth-oriented programs that are looking to take a generation from surviving to thriving in Christ.  In 2012 she will reach the 20 year mark of experience in youth ministry, suburban, urban and rural.  Most of her time has been spent in the urban community,  living as a neighbor to those around her. 


John Fix is first and foremost a husband and father to an amazing woman, Leneita, and three wonderful kids.  He has a passion for seeing urban communities changed through empowering their future leaders to become highly skilled followers of Christ. He pursues this passions through his role as Director of Programs for Urban Youth Impact in West Palm Beach, Florida (yes, WPB has a hood).  John likes biking with his family, south Florida beaches, and the color light tan



Darren has served in youth ministry for over 20 years.  He has a passion for students and the adults who influence them.  He co-founded Millennial Influence with his wife, Katie. Together, they produce a weekly podcast reaching parents of teenagers. Darren is a student pastor in Texas.

You can connect with him at: