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Everybody’s Urban: An Interview with Leneita Fix

Last week I got the chance to catch up with friend, youth worker, writer, and contributor to, Leneita Fix. Her new book with Jeffrey Wallace is  - Here’s a quick interview that covers the content and purpose of the book.


You can pick up her book at or at

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99 Thoughts for Volunteers: Interview with Danette Matty – [VIDEO POST]

Last week I was able to catch up with friend and youth ministry veteran Danette Matty! She shares great insights to her new book,

99 Things Every Guy Should Know: An Interview with Mike Hammer [VIDEO POST]

Recently I was able to catch up with friend and fellow youth worker, Mike Hammer. He is one of the authors of a great new book for guys titled, . I have looked through this book and it is highly practical for guys in your ministry. I could tell you more, but why not hear what Mike has to say?

If you want to pick a copy of the book, you can buy it over at or

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FREE Training Video – Part 2: Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry

In our previous post, I gave my first thoughts in thinking about youth ministry paradigm differently when partnering with parents. Today, we look at what it truly means to care about the family as God cares about the family… After the video is a downloadable worksheet for you and / or your team to work through. There’s also some questions below the video too.

Caring for the Whole Family:

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Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry: FREE Training Video – Part 1: First Thoughts

Today, is the first of 4 videos focused on partnering with parents in youth ministry. These short videos are a free resource for you and your team to watch.

Below the video is a downloadable worksheet with discussion questions and ideas to talk about about. In addition, below that, there’s a short post to give you even more to think about…

4 video posts = 4 days of free training for you and your team. Enjoy!

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Interview with Darren Sutton: Everyone’s Called To Youth Ministry

Last week I was in Colorado at for the Simply Youth Ministry IT3 Summit. I managed to catch up with my good friend Darren Sutton, (and contributor in this blog), and ask him about his new book: Everyone’s Called to Youth Ministry.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Darren’s book, click on the link below.

If you have a question for Darren, feel free to leave a comment for him!

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If Ministry Is Tough, It’s Time To Breathe

My good friend in ministry, Darren Sutton, made this video that communicates how he was able to breathe again in ministry. If you feel like you are suffocating in ministry, or need some time out to refresh, maybe you can take Darren’s advice?

FREE Video Training for Youth Workers and Their Teams

Leneita Fix has created some incredible training videos that are short, thought provoking and informative. If you check out her website, you can pick up more free training videos that come with discussion questions for you and your team to interact with.

Check out the first video by

Full Disclosure: Leneita is a good friend in ministry who guest blogs on However, I love her passion and content and love to pass these kind of resources along to others.




Youth Questions on Youtube

[vsw id="pVviTtuSl98" source="youtube" width="570" height="344" autoplay="no"]


is launching a youtube channel specifically for students who have questions about faith and life. He, along with a panel of youth leaders will be answering students questions on a weekly basis. Spread the word with your teens:

Why I am Going to SYMC!

At the end of February I am headed to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago. As someone who is in full-time student ministry I believe in the importance of not only incredible training, but also the opportunity to grow individually. This conference allows me to get both. At SYMC I am able to gain some great skills as well as build community with all kinds of youth workers in an authentic and intentionally conversation way. Check it out for yourself and watch the video from Doug Fields to capture the heart of SYMC…

Below is a video that captures the heart and message of SYMC 2010.

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