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I’m In Transition

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, I apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I (Phil) am in transition at the moment. I finished up in my ministry as high school pastor and am now transitioning to a new church as a family life pastor.

Youth Ministry Transition


I am Sad! While I am excited for my new role, I am also sad to leave the countless families in a church I have come to love and care for. For the last four years I have poured myself into students, parents, and volunteers. In ministry you can’t pour yourself into people without feeling a sense of loss and pain when you leave. That is how I am feeling today… However, it’s also a good sign to me that it’s been a good ministry for myself and my family. We have seen some incredible things happen here and have made great lifelong friends!

I am Excited! What excites me about my new position is that I get to pour myself into children’s, student, and college staff and volunteers, while also partnering with the family to help them succeed. I am excited to develop healthy leaders, see marriages strengthen, parents become confident, and empower kids to own their faith. My new church is passionate about reaching the whole family while providing great environments for kids, students, and college age people. I can’t wait to get started!

In the coming weeks I will be blogging a little about transition and some of my thoughts about finishing well and starting right. In the meantime, I greatly appreciate your support, prayers, and patience (with the lack of posts).

In Him,

Phil <><


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Winner of Summer Youth Ministry Resource Giveaway Announced!

If you were wondering who won the sweet resources we talked about a few weeks ago, wait not longer!

The lucky winner is: Scott Glisson. Scott won through his tweet. You can follow him

In meantime, check out this sweet offer from our friends at LeaderTreks. Get 15% off your purchases between now and July 21st!

Finding Support in Youth Ministry: 8 Types of Support People You Really Need

As we wrap up our support series for this week, I wanted to take time to list 8 essential types of people who support me in my ministry.

Finding and keeping support is imperative and will help us hang in for the long haul. Without encouragement, accountability, goals, and development, we are ‘dead’ in the water. God calls us to be in community and to be His body which supports each other.

You cannot live in isolation and effectively conduct youth ministry. You need a ‘web’ of support.

Youth Ministry Support1

Below is a list of the people and reasons why they are on my ‘team’ – Together they act as my ‘web’ of support to help me have a fruitful and effective ministry. Continue Reading…

Social Media Video 2013

Saw this video over at  by  - It certainly makes interesting viewing and has a stack of incredible statistics about Social Media and the world our students live in. Share this with your youth leaders, parents, and church leaders…


What are your thoughts on this? What surprised  you? What stands out?

Phil <><

Thank You!

Thank You!Readers, subscribers, followers, (or whatever you would like me to call you),

Thank you to all who voted for me to win ‘ There were so many other brilliant posts and writers!

Thank you also for putting up with the multiple requests I put forward to ask for your vote. Please know that it’s hard for this British guy to self-promote. However, it has been made easier because I am passionate about investing in youth workers through the blog. Really, at the end of the day, that’s what this contest was about for me…

You See, 4 years ago I began a blog called with the purpose to invest in a small group of young youth workers who were finding ministry challenging. 4 years later, myself and 3 youth ministry friends, (Darren, John, and Leneita), write on a regular basis with the premise to invest in youth workers and help them do ministry effectively for the long haul… When my post was nominated and made it through the first couple of rounds, I started to see how our message was able to reach more youth workers, and the message of was expanding. That’s when I started asking you guys to vote for the post and see if we could make it to the final four… I just didn’t expect to win!

While it’s always nice to win a contest, it’s always been my heart to see others ‘win’ too. While it’s nice to get accolades, it feels so much better to know that what I write helps, inspires, and equips others to ‘win’ in ministry. At the end of the day, that is what this contest became for me. I know you probably thought you were voting for the British guy, but I think you would agree, there are youth workers in the trenches who need to ‘win’… Thanks for supporting my vision to equip others in youth ministry…

Phil <><

P.S – I promise I will not email, share, or tweet,  to ask you to vote for me again for a long time…

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Merry Christmas! Blogging News For 2013…

Youth Ministry ChristmasTo all our readers, subscribers, followers, friends, or whatever you want to call yourselves…  Merry Christmas! Thanks for following the blog in this past year and thanks for all the comments and interaction!

It’s Been 4 Years Already! 4 Years ago, I (Phil), started this blog as a way to dialogue about youth ministry with a few younger youth workers in my life. 4 years later, the blog has exploded with followers and become a place where youth workers share their heart, their vision, and their practical ideas for healthy and sustainable youth ministry. In the past year, Darren Sutton, John Fix, and Leneita Fix, joined as contributors. It’s been brilliant to hear from great writers with different voices and experiences.

Guest Blogging: We believe that it’s essential that we represent all different kinds of youth workers with different voices. We would love to add more voices to the this blog conversation! If you are interested, take a look at the guest blogging tab, and then contact me via the contact form Continue Reading…

Top 10 Youth Ministry Posts For 2012: YouthworkTalk

Youth Ministry Top 10It’s been a great year blogging! Myself (Phil), Darren, Leneita, and John would like to thank you for following this blog, contributing to great discussion, and most all, investing in students. As we near the end of the year we wanted to give you a summary of our top 10 list of posts for 2012. (The top 10 list excludes giveaways and freebies).

Here they are: 

Continue Reading…

Simply Youth Ministry Conference – Early Bird Deadline Ends 10.31

Check out the 190+ hours of new training at SYMC 2013 (video below)

GUEST POST: Overcome Bullying – You Can Bring Hope To Your Community

“There is no hope. The most we can do is help our kids learn how to cope with bullying because nothing is going to ever change”.

These words shocked me! Especially since they came from one of the nations leading anti-bullying experts. This expert had more letters after their name and more research hours than I have been alive, but I respectfully and totally disagree with them.

There is hope! There are solutions and answers for schools, for families, for parents, and for students who are dealing with the epidemic of bullying. Yes, it’s an epidemic. And yes, it’s always been around, but today’s generation of students is dealing with a new strain of bullying. An extremely lethal and toxic strain that is much greater than the playground bullies I dealt with 25 years ago. It’s a strain that is so vindictive and so powerful that students are taking their own lives to escape the pain. Continue Reading…

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