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Hurricane Sandy Devastation: A Report From A Youth Worker In The Trenches

Please take time to read our story and find ways you can help practically at the end of the post. The help and support of the church is needed. 

BEFORE THE STORM: This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak at a local church.   I had wrestled and prayed about what to share.  Hurricane Sandy was looming off our coast.  The projected path was literally set for over my house on the Jersey Shore. For days, news and weather channels were raising panic within all of us calling this,  “Frankenstorm.”   Tense laughter filled aisles of supermarkets as water was eerily missing from shelves.    So as the Lord spoke to my heart, asking me to talk on Jesus calming the storm in Luke 8,   you can imagine my reaction.   I wouldn’t talk on “that,” I couldn’t imagine it not sounding corny.   Although He tugged at my soul harder, I made a different set of notes…  Continue Reading…