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9 Signs You’re Burning Out In Youth Ministry

In my previous post I talked about the need to understand what we are called to, rather than what we are pulled to in youth ministry. Having a strong faith foundation and knowing what God is calling us to, will help us avoid saying “yes” to everything, and doing everything in our own strength…

Recently I saw a great post by Carey Nieuwhof that provides . It’s a great post and really worth the read. You can check it out by

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Ministry is More Than a Service Project

We’ve all been there!  Our student ministry has gotten a little too inward focused.  Our students are a little self-absorbed.  We realize we although we are definitely not OF the world, we’re also not IN it!

Sometimes our first reaction is to schedule a service project.  We call Habitat for Humanity or make a mad dash for our local homeless shelter.  And if we’re real world changers, we might even make that a regular ministry opportunity we offer…

Youth Ministry Serving

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How to Create a Culture of Service in your Youth Ministry

Recently I videoed a bunch of the teens in my youth program and asked the ambiguous question:  “Why do you come?”

The overwhelming answer was, “I love to come and serve.”

This answer shocked me a little… From the answers I was getting, you would think I have this awesome structure where each teen is that learning service is beyond a one day “event” or trip. Instead we have been working on this “idea” far more than it feels like we have “done” anything. The question I was asking was,

“How did we arrive at a place where our students love to serve?”

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youth ministry rake and run

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3 Priorities For The New Year In Youth Ministry

It can be overwhelming at the beginning of the new year with so many new goals and resolutions to make (and keep). While it can be overwhelming and daunting, it should not be an excuse to back slide into old ways and half-baked efforts. So how can we keep focus on changes and manage the new goals we have?

Today, I’ll share three P’s that take many goals and simplify them into a larger view of focus that will help you and I keep on track as we go into the new year.

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5 New Year Resolutions For Youth Workers…

New Year Youth Ministry ResolutionsSo, this is the time of year when many are creating resolutions and reassessing what the next year should like. To be honest, I am not a big fan of resolutions since many of them are made quickly and without an action plan. However, if we can be intentional and specific and plan ahead, it is good to create some goals and standards for the coming year.

Here are 5 areas that I have taken and adapted from by Tim Elmore. I ordered my areas in priority and  have also given some specifics of what I am doing personally.

1. Personal / Spiritual: For me I am planning on getting up 30 minutes earlier to ensure that my devotional time uninterrupted by my early riser 3 year old.

2. Family: We just had our third child and it’s been challenging balancing family time with a newborn in the house. However, we are committed to getting back to a regular date night for myself and my wife, mommy daughter dates, daddy daughter dates, and family nights. We schedule these about once a month. We would like to do them more, (and sometimes we do), but we are in a busy season. I have found that if I do not schedule my family time, it is likely that every last minute ministry ‘emergency’ will take over my schedule. Continue Reading…

Hurricane Sandy Devastation: A Report From A Youth Worker In The Trenches

Please take time to read our story and find ways you can help practically at the end of the post. The help and support of the church is needed. 

BEFORE THE STORM: This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak at a local church.   I had wrestled and prayed about what to share.  Hurricane Sandy was looming off our coast.  The projected path was literally set for over my house on the Jersey Shore. For days, news and weather channels were raising panic within all of us calling this,  “Frankenstorm.”   Tense laughter filled aisles of supermarkets as water was eerily missing from shelves.    So as the Lord spoke to my heart, asking me to talk on Jesus calming the storm in Luke 8,   you can imagine my reaction.   I wouldn’t talk on “that,” I couldn’t imagine it not sounding corny.   Although He tugged at my soul harder, I made a different set of notes…  Continue Reading…