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Moving from Cliques to Community in your Youth Ministry

As most of us know, healthy community is a key foundation to spiritual growth. If students are not comfortable in community, they are less likely to be open to hearing God’s truth. Today, we’ll look at how to understand the difference between cliques and clusters and outline four ways to move from cliques to healthy community.

Youth Ministry Clique

The first step we need to take is to understand the difference between cliques and clusters. Understanding the key difference between a clique and a cluster will help you ascertain how much work you’ll need to do to create healthy community. Here is my quick definition: Continue Reading…

A Youth Ministry Community Essential is…Community!

We marvel as we look around the room and see no one connecting with each other.  Kids are cloistered.  Adults are standing in the back of the room – probably with their arms crossed and not saying much of anything.  And we wonder….why do we not have community here?!  Where is the fellowship?!

Cue the countdown video.  We do a genuine, heartfelt welcome (from the stage).  The band leads in worship (from the stage).  You speak a compelling message (from the stage).  And fade to black….

Youth Ministry Community

True community does not happen without intentional programming.

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Creating a Community that Welcomes New Students to your Youth Ministry

When the Lord moves your family for his plan and purpose, it is never easy. This means new ministry for you. For your children it also means NEW: Home, School, Church, Youth Group, & Friends…

Everything is about starting over.  It takes a toll on all of you in ways you never knew. This has been my own family for 8 months now.

Newbie Youth Ministry

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