Youth Ministry Management: How To Start Your Week Strong

Yesterday, (Sunday), I saw a quote by fellow Brit Marcus Buckingham:

“What are some steps you can take today or first thing tomorrow morning to set yourself up for a strong week?”

For many of us in youth ministry, being organized and disciplined in administration does not come naturally. However, there is one thing I have found most youth workers can do that will make a huge difference to their week. Simply taking an hour at the beginning of the week to plan and prioritize can make all the difference and help us stay more focused.

Starting right in Youth Ministry

Here’s some simple steps:

Clear your head and create a list: First, take some time to create a list of all you would like to get done this week. Look at your calendar and don’t forget to include essentials like: Message writing, contact time with students, and planning time, (yes you should plan your planning time).

Prioritize Your List: It’s also imperative that you decide ahead of time which tasks are the most important tasks of the week. By doing this you will more likely get the most important tasks done first. Often our default is to get the easiest tasks done first. While we might check-off a lot of tasks, the most important ones are still looming…

Assign a Day / Time: Nothing happens unless it’s intentional. Unless we assign a specific day and time for our task, it is likely to be missed. For me, Monday has often been my message writing day for the week. If you are like me and have often had two or more messages to write for the week, it’s good to set aside a day to get them done. What tasks need a dedicated chunk of time in your schedule?

Plan your day off. You likely have a day off in your schedule, but are you good at keeping boundaries on that day? I have found it important to make a plan for my day off. You see, if we don’t have something planned for our day off, it is likely that we will allow something or someone else to creep into our scheduled day off. It’s always easier to say “no” to something or someone when we have something already on our schedule.

Well, this is not rocket science, but it’s surprising how easy it is to be swept allong by the week and not feel like we have really accomplished what we hoped we would. These simple steps help me, maybe they will help you?

What is top of your priority list this week? What would you add to this list?

Phil <><

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