How To Effectively Use Summer Interns In Your Youth Ministry

Summer Interns, Week Two…

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For this summer, I decided to make the bold move of acquiring a few interns for student ministries. Now, its week two and I’m not pulling my hair out yet, so I wanted to give you some thoughts on the process thus far:

- The Thought Process – This is not an internship where I need my coffee cup filled, I need tasks completed, and need someone to be my personal assistant. Instead, this is an internship FOR the intern! So, when we initially promoted it, we were looking for individuals who were going into ministry or a similar field. And so, this would give the intern a small taste of what it looks like to be in full-time ministry. To be quite honest, this idea came out of what I was not offered when I first got into ministry, but that time as a volunteer youth leader. I felt kind of thrust into a job that I was not equipped for. This internship on the other hand is meant to help prepare them for the world of ministry without handing over all of the responsibility that comes with it…

- The Interview Process – For student ministries, I was only looking to have 2 interns, and we interviewed several people for this role. I was very clear from the start that this is an internship to be taken seriously, and that when it came to our “work schedules” I wanted them to own it, be present, and be contributing. I think that the way we set the tone in the interviews has already helped (in week 2 right now) the preparation that these interns currently have. They have shown up each day ready to work, on time, and energetic. Let’s see how long this lasts!! ☺

- The Work Load – I have told the interns that they are not just going to be working on tasks this summer, but that they’ll have an integral role in projects, planning, and setting vision for the ministry. They’ll also be given freedom to help run an event, freedom to write & deliver a message, and they’ll both be attending a mission trip alongside me. I want them thinking about the word “leadership”, what it looks like in a ministry context, and how they can work on their influence in their own world. So its safe to say that I am putting a lot of trust and responsibility into the hands of these two, but also staying close enough to help them through the process.

Ultimately, I hope to develop these two young men into people who love Jesus, and want to see others come to know him. In week 2, I am already seeing some things that I am extremely excited about in both of them, and I see a very promising summer ahead! My hope is that they leave here closer to Christ, having a better understanding of ministry and a better understanding of leadership!

Do you have interns this summer? If so, what does your process look like?



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