Meet The Bloggers: Kyle Daubenmeyer

This week we are taking some time out to meet the bloggers at – Many of you read this blog regularly, so we thought we would give you a little inside scoop to our lives. If you are new to reading this blog, take some time to read some our previous posts to get an idea of what we talk about here.

Name: Kyle DaubenmeyerKyle Daubenmeyer

How long have you been in youth ministry: 5 years

Favorite Food: Greasy Pizza

Favorite TV Show: Current show: The Walking Dead, Past Show: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Movie: Oh man, I have a few: Déjà vu, Minority Report, Inception.

Morning Person or Night Owl: Night owl, for sure!

Youth Ministry Strengths: Creative & energetic

Youth Ministry Weaknesses: Indecision & following through on projects

Best book recently read: “Altar Ego” by Craig Groeschel