3 Ways Your Youth Ministry Can Help In The Aftermath Of The Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

We can hardly believe it when we see the images on our TV screens can we? As I watched this tragedy unfold last night, I honestly had many questions for God and spent time praying for the people impacted by the disastrous tornado in Oklahoma. While we can’t understand all that has happened, we can certainly respond to help in the aftermath of such a tragedy. It’s imperative that we mobilize our students to respond too…

Tornado Damage

1) Pray. Take time this week to have your students pray for this terrible situation. I believe there are three good reasons to do so. First, it’s important we all come to God in times like this. While we cannot understand and fathom what has happened, I have found before that God is able to give us peace when we pray. It’s important we help students find this peace. Second, it gives students a good focus and helps them to become more aware of the world around them. So often students are caught up with self and will miss the pain in the world around. Praying will help them see the world in a more compassionate way. Third, out of prayer, God will often give us tangible ways in which we can help in practical ways.

2) Network with Churches in the Affected Area: Just last night one of my students messaged me and told me her mom and dad know a number of people who attend churches in Moore, OK. Making connections with churches in the area will help us ascertain their needs and ways in which we can help. At times like this, there are often certain supplies that are needed in that area.

3) Create an Event to Raise Money. Our high school ministry had planned to do our yearly ‘Car Wash for A Cause’ this Saturday. Given the tragic events of yesterday, we have now decided to give a large portion of our fund raising to this cause. Whether it’s a car wash, a BBQ, or a spaghetti dinner, students are looking to do something tangible to help. While raising money, ensure you do your due diligence with who the funds will go to.

Finally, take some time to get your head around understanding this yourself. Below are a couple of helpful links to articles on tragedy and suffering:

 Billy Graham

Join me in praying for all the families impacted by this disaster.

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