Are you Communicating the Wrong Message About Worship in your Youth Ministry?

Worship is More Than Music…

We all want to create a space where our students can meaningfully connect with God.  It’s why we expend so much energy on things like transforming summer trips, engaging Bible studies, and relational retreats.  It’s also why sometimes we send an unintended message to our students…

Serving Worship

Sometimes, in an effort to be more relevant and connectional with teenagers, we’ll create a student worship service.  We utilize examples and media in our messages that are more ‘student-friendly’; we engage students in a way that sometimes doesn’t happen in our regular worship services; of course we have an amazing student band doing to most current worship tunes from everyone’s favorite contemporary worship leaders, while subtly including music from other genres that they might even have playing on their iPods.

We do all that for an exceptional reason.  We want to soften the soil so the transforming message of Christ finds fertile ground in the hearts and minds of students.

Our unintended message is this:  Worship in the student ministry is better because we use better songs and YouTube videos.  We accidentally boil worship down to its simplest form – we get a sin immunization by singing music we like one hour a week.

Worship is more than a preferred music style.  It’s more than a relevant message.  And it’s way more than an hour in any given week.  Worship is life.  It’s an existence dedicated to maintaining and relaying to others a connection with God.

That connection comes through more than the media thrust upon us by well-intentioned organizers of what should be an experience designed to celebrate all that God has done through our week of life-worship in the previous 167 hours.

According to Romans, our lives are the worship service.  Conveying anything less than that to our students, intentionally or by accident, sells short the call of Christ and the command to live our lives as an act of worship…regardless of what the student band is playing on Wednesday night.

How are you communicating a lifestyle of worship to your students?


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