Ministry is More Than a Service Project

We’ve all been there!  Our student ministry has gotten a little too inward focused.  Our students are a little self-absorbed.  We realize we although we are definitely not OF the world, we’re also not IN it!

Sometimes our first reaction is to schedule a service project.  We call Habitat for Humanity or make a mad dash for our local homeless shelter.  And if we’re real world changers, we might even make that a regular ministry opportunity we offer…

Youth Ministry Serving

But real ministry is more than that!  Ministry is using service to earn the right to be heard.

It’s not using volunteerism to teach our kids a lesson or soothe our spiritual conscience.

It’s washing feet as an act of love – and knowing that in building that relationship, we also build influence and authenticity – the opportunity to share in the spiritual needs of people because we’ve shared in their physical or emotional needs first.

Building a culture of ministry with our students means never letting them forget WHY we serve – why we do ministry!  It goes far beyond grabbing some service hours for NHS…and we boil it down to that when we make it ‘just another activity good people do.’  Always remember that the difference between serving people through ministry and serving people through anything else is Jesus!  And remind your students!