FREE Training Video – Part 2: Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry

In our previous post, I gave my first thoughts in thinking about youth ministry paradigm differently when partnering with parents. Today, we look at what it truly means to care about the family as God cares about the family… After the video is a downloadable worksheet for you and / or your team to work through. There’s also some questions below the video too.

Caring for the Whole Family:

Caring About the Whole Famil Discussion Notes (click here)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak with a local church about the issue of students growing up without Fathers in the home.  We were talking on how God takes that place in our lives, in a perfect way.  However,  the reality is that too often we compare what we know on earth to the truth and come up short.  After the service was over a gentleman came up to me and said,  “You know I have two children who did not grow up with me.  I always thought I did a good job being in their life.  They are in their 20’s now, and I realize I need to ask them.  I never thought that just because life happens, this isn’t really the way the Lord wants it.”

This is the heart behind our second video this week is why and how God cares the whole family is made whole.  It’s the way it all started in the Garden,  but the entrance of sin broke every relationship.  If it’s the Lord’s heart can it be ours?

  • Do you believe every family can be made whole?
  • What do you think our role as youth workers are in this?