Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry: FREE Training Video – Part 1: First Thoughts

Today, is the first of 4 videos focused on partnering with parents in youth ministry. These short videos are a free resource for you and your team to watch.

Below the video is a downloadable worksheet with discussion questions and ideas to talk about about. In addition, below that, there’s a short post to give you even more to think about…

4 video posts = 4 days of free training for you and your team. Enjoy!


Partnering with Parents First Thoughts: Click Here for Notes

“Family Ministry,” is something we are talking more and more about.  As those who work with youth we truly have a responsibility to partner with the whole family, not only the student.  The “lead” youth pastor/worker knows this all to well, as the one who is interacting with parents most often.  Still many youth workers I speak with still have a few of misconceptions:

  1. I don’t understand why parents “don’t care” or respond to me. I also call this,  “I sent an email home, why aren’t they answering me?”  This isn’t a partnering attitude.  Instead, we can have a tendency to communicate with parents only when we need something.
  2. I can’t partner with “unchurched”  or “that” parent… Even with an attitude of  teaming with a parent,  we believe that can’t be true for every one.  What if we took an approach that believed not only every parent deserved our attention,  but it is the parent who can bring transformation to the family?
  3. It’s my job as the “lead” to be the only one to form relationships with parents. It’s true that parents will automatically look to the one who has the “title” to take care of their kids and answer all the questions.  However,  we need a team around us to help take the approach of journeying with the family.

No matter if you come from a large or small church one person cannot have a deep relationship with every family.  While at the same time each youth in our care needs us to look to have a position of  “with” when it comes to their parents.  This is the very reason why 3 years ago these videos were created.   It helps the youth pastor to understand the needs and ways to work with parents,  then it can be used to train your team to do the same.

Thanks for reading and watching the videos this week, our heart is to help youth workers to be more effective at reaching the whole family and therefore impacting their students in greater ways. Tomorrow we look at how to care well for the family.

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