Healthy You – Healthy Youth Ministry! Part 3 – How To Create And Sustain Healthy Habits

In our previous post, Scott Tinman shared how he has moved from being a youth ministry couch potato to someone who is running EVERY day for close to 10 months. Today Scott wraps up our series as he shares practical advice on how you and I can create workout habits that are sustainable. There’s some great advice in this post! Read on!

Youth Ministry Health

Be Realistic – start slow!

Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic expectations or burn yourself out in the first couple days that you will never want to exercise again. When I started running it began with 2 miles with my son and I couldn’t keep up. I then went to run/walking where I would go for a walk and then mix in some interval runs increasing each week until I am where I am at today in running for 30-60 minutes a day. Make short goals to shoot for and celebrate the victories!

Find others to journey with you – Community

Probably one of the biggest reasons that I have stuck with getting healthy has been the community I have been a part of both in my local community (family/church/neighborhood) and online with other youth workers and previous friends where I have lived. Over the past year hearing people encourage me and ask me about how I am doing has helped push me when you hit those days of not wanting to continue.

Make Small Goals & Challenges

Through Facebook & Twitter I have been able to make connections with others and taking different challenges besides the 30 Day Challenge that started this in May. There is power in building a community to help encourage and keep you accountable. Over the last year I did a  between Thanksgiving – December 31, 2012, a New Year’s Challenge of  of exercising for 40 hours for the first 40 days of 2013 and now in a  of running 30 5k’s in the 40 days from Fit Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) to Easter. Take short time frames and come up with a challenge to do with your friends!


These are Scotts tips to becoming healthy and creating a good fitness regime. What has worked for you? What are your goals? Remember, a healthy you equals a healthy youth ministry…

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Scott Tinman

Scott Tinman is a husband, father, youth pastor and now runner. For the past 19+ years has served churches in Minnesota & Illinois and nowtransitioning to be the Pastor of Student Ministries at Findlay EFC in Findlay, OH. As a Chicago native he loves to watch Chicago sports teams except for the Cubs!

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