Is There Someone You Are Forgetting To Thank In Youth Ministry?

Just this week I met with some brilliant youth workers who volunteer in my ministry. As we shared our highlights from the last month, one of my volunteers ‘Steve’ shared how one of our college age students sought him out in church to appreciate him for all he did for them in the high school ministry. His story got me thinking about two things:

Thank You

First, it’s not uncommon for students to go through our ministries without saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for what we do while they are with us. It’s not that they don’t appreciate us, it’s just they don’t consider to tell us… Often we might hear from them once they are in college, (or later).

Second, it made me consider how much I appreciated my youth leaders and mentors when I was younger, but perhaps I never communicated it to them… Which got me thinking:

Who are the people from my past I need to seek out and track down to say “thank you” to?

Which should get you thinking too…

Who are the people who need to hear from you? You needs to hear about their lasting legacy in your life?

Here’s a list of people who impacted my life as a teenager and young adult: 

John Powell, Patrick Horgan, Roger Gammon, Jim Smith, Gary Turner, David Shuttleworth, Mike Splarn, Kate Dean, Tim and Vid Lee, Rupert DeSalis, Chris and Gayle White, David Sparks, Tony Pugsley, Larry and Shirley Morris, Jean and D Trollope, Julian and Kathy Hardy, Dave and Dawn Stokes, and Jerry Parr.

That’s my list. But what about you? Who needs a phone call, a card, an email, or a visit from you? In the next few weeks I encourage you to:

  • Create a list of all the people who invested in your life when you were younger
  • Gather contact information for each person
  • Contact them and let them know specifically what they did for you when they invested in your life

You see, we are no different from the students we serve today. There was a time when we took a lot for granted and forgot to thank the ones who discipled us and helped us navigate through tough times. Is there someone you are forgetting to thank in youth ministry? 

Phil <><

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    Would love to hear some stories of people who followed up with former youth leaders / mentors. Post them here…