Merry Christmas! Blogging News For 2013…

Youth Ministry ChristmasTo all our readers, subscribers, followers, friends, or whatever you want to call yourselves…  Merry Christmas! Thanks for following the blog in this past year and thanks for all the comments and interaction!

It’s Been 4 Years Already! 4 Years ago, I (Phil), started this blog as a way to dialogue about youth ministry with a few younger youth workers in my life. 4 years later, the blog has exploded with followers and become a place where youth workers share their heart, their vision, and their practical ideas for healthy and sustainable youth ministry. In the past year, Darren Sutton, John Fix, and Leneita Fix, joined as contributors. It’s been brilliant to hear from great writers with different voices and experiences.

Guest Blogging: We believe that it’s essential that we represent all different kinds of youth workers with different voices. We would love to add more voices to the this blog conversation! If you are interested, take a look at the guest blogging tab, and then contact me via the contact form

Why We Blog: If you follow us regularly, you know that part of our message is this:

Healthy ministry overflows from a healthy walk with Christ and a healthy family balance.

Between Darren, Leneita, John, and myself, there’s over 70 years of youth ministry experience. It is our hope not only to share practical wisdom with you, but also to share leadership lessons and soul care that have been learned over the years. We blog here because we love youth ministry and love to invest in others who in the trenches with us. Whether volunteer or paid, whether you are brand new, or have been in the trenches a long long time, we hope this blog continues to be a place of conversation, growth, and effective ministry that sees students lives forever transformed by Christ.

Blogging in 2013: We will continue to post 2-3 times a week and we’ll continue to provide freebies and resources. Our posts will continue to focus on personal spiritual health, ministry health, leadership, youth ministry philosophy, and practical implementation. If there is an area of life and ministry you would like to hear more from, let us know.

Video Posts? Maybe? Finally, I (Phil), will look to create some video posts since many of my youth ministry friends tell me that my British accent will help get the message across… We’ll see, I’m not convinced… Thoughts?

It’s Christmas Break! For us, this means a break from blogging over the next week.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! We are looking forward to 2013!

Phil, Darren, John and Leneita. <><

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