Top 10 Youth Ministry Posts For 2012: YouthworkTalk

Youth Ministry Top 10It’s been a great year blogging! Myself (Phil), Darren, Leneita, and John would like to thank you for following this blog, contributing to great discussion, and most all, investing in students. As we near the end of the year we wanted to give you a summary of our top 10 list of posts for 2012. (The top 10 list excludes giveaways and freebies).

Here they are: 

1. Summer Shutdown For Youth Ministry?

2. Top 5 FREE (or cheap) Youth Ministry Summer Events.

3. Three Youth Ministry Priorities For Mondays

4. Hurricane Sandy Devastation: A Report From A Youth Worker In The Trenches

5. An Open Letter To The Youth Pastor From A Parent

6. 10 Signs That Insecurity Could Be Eating Away At You And Your Youth Ministry

7. Mission Trip Fundraisers – Are Car Washes A Bad Idea?

8. Keys To Youth Ministry Longevity: 5 Essential Boundaries

9. A Good Reason To Cancel Sunday School In Your Youth Ministry

10. Why Students Don’t Care About Your Message


Again, thanks for following! We look forward to digging into some great youth ministry issues, sharing idea, and creating more conversation in 2013.

Phil, Darren, Leneita, & John <><

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  • Scott Tinman

    Funny that the one post that is in the Elite 8 for top YM Blog Post is #3 here!

  • Phil Bell

    Scott, to be honest, this post would not have made it in my top ten before two weeks ago. It’s had so much traffic from the contest that it’s made it’s way into my top ten list!

    I wrote that post on a Monday morning in a rush… Just goes to show, you never know how impacting our smallest efforts are…