Friday Freebie: Youth Worker Devotional

In March I am excited to attend in Louisville, KY. I love this conference for it’s authenticity, incredible learning opportunities, and the chance to connect with dear friends in ministry who I have met in previous years.

Simply Youth Ministry is deeply committed to tending to the souls of youth workers just as much as they are about resourcing and equipping them. In fact they have created an incredible 12 months of devotions specifically designed for youth workers like you and me. The conference is “for youth workers, by youth workers” and these devotions are for youth workers by youth workers too. They are written by in the trenches veterans who know what we need to stay strong in our faith and ministry…

Check ‘em out:

I hope these devotions minister to you as you as you minister to your family and students!

Phil <><

  • Josh Pezold

    thanks for the devotional man!!! First one is pretty interesting!!! haaaa. I need balloons, matches, candle or a lighter. Thanks for thinking of resources that will connect use to the father. blessings.

  • Phil Bell

    Your welcome Josh! Have fun with the balloons mate!

    Phil <