5 Reasons I Love See You At The Pole!

This morning was See You at the Pole at schools all around the America. For those of you outside of the U.S, here’s what it is: A yearly event where hundreds of thousands of students around the nation meet at their  school flagpoles to pray.

Here’s what I love about it:

1) When Students Pray God Uses Them in Great Ways: Over the years of coming to these early morning prayer gatherings, I have often seen these times as a catalyst for God to use students in incredible ways on their school campus. It’s exciting to watch what happens next…

2) It’s Owned By Students: As a Youth Pastor, I am not allowed to organize these gatherings on a school campus, but students are! There is something powerful that happens when students feel the ownership and leadership of rallying together to pray for their schools.

3) It Brings Students Together: It’s great to hear the stories of students who discover many more classmates who are Christians! When students come together and pray they can look around at other students and realize there are lot more Christians in their schools than they realized. This brings a great sense of unity and support.

4) It Sends a Great Message To The School: When students come together and pray for their schools, it sends a message of care, concern, and hope to their fellow students and teachers. It’s so important for others to see that Christians care genuinely about people at their school.

5) I am Blessed: For me personally, it gives me an opportunity to pray with my students and support them and encourage them. It was a great blessing this morning to see so many of my students praying together!

How was See You at the Pole for you? Feel free to share your stories!

Here’s a blurry photo I got on my phone this morning at one of my local high schools: