Essential Priorities For Parent Leaders

Great parent leaders can make the difference! Without them, students would not be supported and encouraged in their faith in quite the same way. Parents have a brilliant perspective and understand more clearly what is at stake for our students.

On the other hand, poor parent leaders can be a nightmare! But I’ve found that with intentional investment and clear direction, parents can become some of my most effective leaders. It might feel like extra work compared to what we put into other leaders, but great parent leaders can make an impactful and lasting difference in students lives. Here are six priorities I have for parent leaders:

  • roy

    This article is really helpful. As a former salaried youth worker (miss it so much) – my volunteer time is in youth related activity. My son has now joined the group and because of circumstance have found myself leading the teenage work of our church.
    This article was an encouragement, reminder and most useful
    Thank you

  • Phil Bell

    Roy, glad this is helpful for you! There are so many great youth leaders out there who don’t serve because their kids are involved. However, with some good boundaries, it can become a win-win for everyone…