GUEST POST: Partnering With Unchurched Parents – Leneita Fix

I still remember the day the Lord put it on my heart.   Totally my attitude had become to believe that the parents who were “churched” could be held to a higher expectation than the “unchurched.”  I mean most of these “heathen” adults were broken individuals who didn’t even have a relationship with Christ.  How could I expect them to show up to a parent meeting?  Much less how could I ask them to invest in the spiritual development of their children?  Did they even know what that meant?

Then one day the Lord showed me a passage in HIS WORD.  All right it was really two passages.  The same words spoken twice, through the mouth of the Lord.  Once it came from an Old Testament prophet and then again through Jesus.  Both described the effect of understanding Christ- “His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.”   My judgments began to unravel.

In the Garden,  BEFORE the fall- man and woman were told to be fruitful and multiply.  The intention was two parents and children.  After the fall, the Lord knew this had been cracked and separated.  In our relationship with a living God, he longs for restoration.  Part of that process is the family unit.

Now in practicality we can’t DO anything to make this happen.  I can’t cause a wandering father to return home.  With 3 million grandparents in the US raising their grandchildren I can’t cause the parents to take responsibility.  With divorce and death and a variety of familial situations I can’t make any changes.

HOWEVER, I can start with an attitude of seeing the parents the way that Christ does,  no matter who they are.  It begins with respect and honor.    When Jesus looks at us he doesn’t focus on our sin or our wrong doings.  Instead he sees us the way his Creation was intended.   He sees us as redeemed.  His heart yearns for us to be whole and walk fully in his ways.  We begin with looking at parents the same way.

In her next post, Leneita shares practical in Getting Unchurched Parents to Show Up to Meetings and building authentic relationships that build bridges to restoration…

Leneita Fix is the founder and lead consultant for Blue Sky/Green Sky Consulting whose heart is :  ”Passionate about developing and training youth-oriented programs that are looking to take a generation from surviving to thriving in Christ.  In 2012 she will reach the 20 year mark of experience in youth ministry, suburban, urban and rural.  Most of her time has been spent in the urban community,  living as a neighbor to those around her. 

  • Jon batch

    Cool post and it feels like I am in the same room as you reading this.
    Thank you for sharing with others

  • Shawn

    Thanks for this, Leneita. I’m struggling with this issue right now in our ministry. Great perspectives … looking forward to hearing more.

  • Benjer McVeigh

    Looking forward to the next post. I can’t help but think that not only is it great to get unchurched students to come and hear about Jesus, but it also opens up a unique door to their unchurched parents. One of my strongest relationships with a parent is with a dad whose kids come every week, are committed to Jesus, and serve in our ministry, but he just has never wanted to come, too. Great stuff, Leneita!

  • youthworktalk

    Benjer, hoping and praying you can have some more great opportunities to share the Gospel with this dad! I hope the next post is practical and helpful for you!