GROUP Magazine Live: Youth Leaders At Risk

I am excited to tell you about an excellent live podcast coming up on Sept 12th, 12:30pm MST. I am excited to three reasons: 1) The topic is close to my heart. 2) There’s some great surprize guests! 3) I’m going to be at GROUP Publishing HQ that day! Here’s what you can expect:

Group Magazine Live is a topical, live podcast that will run every two months to coincide with the current issue of Group Magazine.

GML’s second episode will discuss “Youth Leaders at Risk”. We will dive into the what, when, where, why, how a youth worker is to care for students, family, oh yeah and themselves! Guests will include cross-fit expert and 100 mile marathon veteran Andy Brazelton, Leneita Fix (founder of ), and Darren Sutton (an in the trenches Youth Worker & Biggest Loser Applicant).  Oh and special surprise guests that might be musically inclined, super funny, or just some close ministry friends!  Rick Lawrence (Editor of Group Magazine) will host, & Toby Rowe (of Group WorkCamps) will co-host. Together they’ll expand on the topic of “Youth Leaders at Risk”, and how to combat the struggles of ministry, life, and health in order to personally draw nearer to Jesus.

Be sure to join the LIVE Q&A portion of this event when you arrive at   PLEASE INVITE your volunteers, fellow church staff, youth leaders, area pastors—even your parents! We’ll do our best to get to each of your questions.

To watch LIVE at 12:30pm MST on September 12th, 2011 click here or go to