12 Tips I Give My Volunteer Youth Workers – Part 2

In my previous post, I posted 6 of the 12 tips I give my leaders to help them be effective in their ministry. Here are the next 6…

As I said yesterday, some of these have been “borrowed” from friends, and some are my own specific tips. All in all, I hope they are tips you can use for your volunteer meetings and trainings, or training manual…

7. Be a Leader – Not their friend:  It’s a trap many leaders can fall into: Trying to get students to like them by being their friend. They already have lots of friends who give them bad advice; they need you to be a leader in their lives.

8. Be a Leader – Not a Chaperon: A chaperon will stand outside looking in at the group – Leaders are invested in the group and have relationships with the students. Be invested…

9. Be a Leader – Not a Parent: If you have a student at FUSION and they are acting out, don’t be the parent. Let another leader know, and let them handle it. It will save embarrassment and also give you the night off of parenting…

10. Find Contact Time Outside of FUSION: Students will really know you care when you send them a postcard (available in the black cabinet), Facebook them, show up to the last 15 minutes of a game, text them. If you have 30 minutes a week, you can easily do this…

11. Read Phil’s emails: The more plugged in you are with events, meetings, and latest happenings, will help you communicate events better with students and help you to know what is happening as a whole.

12. Check the website: For calendar, videos, teaching plans, curriculum, and training documents. These are all here to simplify your ministry and save you time with phone calls, emails, and text messages to Phil.

There you go… So what you add to this list? What tips do you give your leaders?

Phil <><

  • http://www.benjermcveigh.com Benjer McVeigh

    Great list! I’m working on our small group leader manual, so I hope you won’t mind if I lift a few of these. ;-)

    #11: always a struggle with our youngest college-aged leaders. I usually end up writing the email, then sending out a text that says, “Hey, check your email!”

    Perhaps I’d add “Be a leader – not their savior.” Some of the toughest lessons for big-hearted leaders to learn is that we can’t do everything for every student that’s facing some really difficult issues.

  • http://ypadam.com Adam

    These tips are great! We just did a small group leader meeting this past Monday night, but I’ll be passing these tips along to our leaders throughout the semester.

  • http://youthworktalk.com youthworktalk

    Benjer, great addition! We often forget that we can’t “fix” the students that we work with. It’s so important that we are reminded to point them to their savior and their parents.

  • http://youthworktalk.com youthworktalk

    Adam, I’m so pleased you can pass these on to your leaders! Great stuff! Keep up the good work mate!