Family Fun at IKEA


Family Events: Every week we try to do two of three fun events as a family that is easy to do, (but not always), and is something that we can have fun as a family. It’s important to have mini-events to look forward each week and have some lighter moments as a family. I find it real easy to come home and stay in my ministry mind and not switch off and ‘be all there’ with my family. Having these events planned out is a must for us as a family, and they never have to be huge things, just planned things… tonight we play ‘memory’ with Emma. Simple, but real fun for all of us…

What we did today: (Plan B from our sledding plan – an inch of snow doesn’t work). Emma will be 3 in March and is developing some strong opinions of what she likes to do, (anyone relate)? We are also looking to get her a new room and big girl bed before the baby comes in July.  Today she said that she wanted to go to IKEA and eat meatballs… it was a great way to have fun, eat meatballs and try out new beds in IKEA.